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Office | Phone
Simon Brendle—Assistant Professor
Geometric analysis, Financial mathematics
382-Z | 723-2209
brendle "at"
Gregory Brumfiel—Professor
Real algebraic geometry, Algebraic topology
382-A | 723-1927
brumfiel "at"
Daniel Bump—Professor
Automorphic forms, Lie groups & representations, Number theory
383-U | 723-4011
bump "at"
Gunnar Carlsson—Professor
Algebraic topology, Algebraic K-theory, Number theory
383-L | 723-2224
gunnar "at"
Kai Lai Chung—Professor Emeritus
    | 723-2629
chung "at"
Ralph Cohen—Professor
Algebraic and Geometric topology
383-X | 723-1862
ralph "at"
Brian Conrey—Consulting Professor

conrey "at"
Laurent Demanet—Szegö Asst. Professor
Applied Mathematics
382-J | 723-2438
laurent "at"

Amir Dembo—Professor
Probability and Stochastic processes

383-C | 723-1851
amir "at"
Keith Devlin—Consulting Professor Cordura Hall 114 | 725-3286
devlin "at"
Persi Diaconis—Professor
Probability, Combinatorics, Statistics, Group theory
383-D | 723-5183
diaconis "at"
Yakov Eliashberg—Professor
Symplectic geometry, Topology, Several Complex Variables
383-S | 723-4073
eliash "at"
Solomon Feferman—Professor Emeritus
Mathematical logic and foundations of mathematics
383-Z | 723-2439
sf "at"
Robert Finn—Professor Emeritus
Calculus of variations, Fluid dynamics, Differential geometry
382-E | 723-2605
finn "at"
Søren Galatius—Assistant Professor
Algebraic topology
383-DD | 723-2969
galatius "at"
Larry Guth — Szegö Asst. Professor
Geometry and Functional analysis
382-L | 725-0856
lguth "at"
David Hoffman—Consulting Professor
383-B |  
hoffman "at"
Wu-Chung Hsiang—Consulting Professor
383-B |  
Eleny Ionel—Professor
Symplectic topology, Differential topology
383-K | 723-2228
ionel "at"
Gautam Iyer—Szegö Assistant Professor
Applied Mathematics, PDE's, Stochastic Processes
382-F | 723-4507
gautam "at"
Matt Kahle—Samelson Fellow
382-X | 723-2221
mkahle "at"
Renata Kallosh—Professor (Physics and, by courtesy, Mathematics)
Mathematical physics, String theory
Varian, Room 342 | 725-4736
kallosh "at"
Samuel Karlin—Professor Emeritus
Probability, Statistics, Mathematical biology
382-S | 723-2204
karlin "at"
Yitzhak Katznelson—Professor
Harmonic analysis, Ergodic theory
382-U | 725-0857
katznel "at"
Joseph B. Keller—Professor Emeritus
Applied mathematics
382-G | 723-0851
keller "at"
Steven Kerckhoff—Professor
Hyperbolic structures, Teichmüller Space
383-G | 723-4665
spk "at"
Harold Levine—Professor Emeritus
Applied mathematics, Wave motion and Diffusion theory
levine "at"
Jun Li—Professor
Algebraic geometry
383-Y | 723-4508
jli "at"
Anthony Licata—Samelson Fellow
 382-X | 723-2221
 amlicata "at"
Joan Licata—Szegö Assistant Professor
382-K |  
jelicata "at"
Samuel Lisi—Samelson Fellow
382-N | 723-2975
lisi "at"
Tai-Ping Liu — Professor
Partial differential equations, Hyperbolic conservation laws
382-V | 723-2965
liu "at"
Rafe Mazzeo — Professor and Chair
Differential geometry, Microlocal analysis, PDE
383-R | 723-1894
mazzeo "at"
Todor Milanov — Szegö Assistant Professor
Gromov-Witten theory and integrable systems
382-B | 723-2976
milanov "at"
R. James Milgram — Professor Emeritus
Algebraic topology
383-F | 723-2082
milgram "at"
Grigori Mints—Professor (Philosophy and, by courtesy, Mathematics) Mathematical Logic BLD 100-101A | 723-2964
MINTS "at"
Dragos Oprea — Szegö Assistant Professor
Algebraic geometry
382-D | 723-2974
oprea "at"
Donald Ornstein — Professor
Ergodic theory
383-B | 723-1968
ornstein "at"
Robert Osserman — Professor Emeritus
Differential geometry, Complex analysis
osserman "at"
George Papanicolaou — Professor
Applied & Computational mathematics, PDE, Stochastic processes
383-V | 723-2081
papanico "at"
Alexandra Pettet—Szegö Assistant Professor
Geometric Group Theory
382-M | 723-5742
apettet "at"
Richard Schoen — Professor
Differential geometry, Partial differential equations
383-T | 725-0854
schoen "at"
Leon Simon — Professor
Differential geometry, Partial differential equations, Real analysis
383-J | 723-3224
lms "at"

Kannan Soundararajan — Professor
Analytical Number theory

383-W | 723-2629
ksound "at"
Antoine Toussaint—Szegö Assistant Professor
382-H | 723-7829
atoussai "at"
Denis Trotabas—Szegö Assistant Professor
382-Q2 | 723-1917
trotabas "at"
Leo Tzou—Szegö Assistant Professor
382-Q1 | 725-6443
Ravi Vakil — Professor
Algebraic geometry
383-Q | 723-7850
vakil "at"
András Vasy — Associate Professor
Linear PDE, Mathematical scattering theory
383-M | 723-2226
andras "at"
Brian White — Professor
Differential geometry, Geometric measure theory
383-EE | 723-0952
white "at"


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