Sunday, August 12 - Thursday, August 16, 2001
Stanford University

Ralph Cohen, Stanford University | Ib Madsen, Aarhus University, Denmark

Funded by grants from the Mathematics Research Center of Stanford University,
The American Institute of Mathematics and the NSF

Sunday, August 12

Ezra Getzler, Northwestern University
Jet-spaces of Frobenius manifolds and higher genus Gromov-Witten invariants

Frances Kirwan, Oxford University
A complete set of relations for the cohomology of moduli spaces of bundles over Riemann surfaces

Shigeyuki Morita, University of Tokyo
Cohomological structure of the mapping class group and its Lie algebra version

Ravi Vakil, Stanford University
Vanishing conjectures for the moduli space of curves

Monday, August 13

Dennis Sullivan, CUNY
Surface Topology

Gunnar Carlsson, Stanford University
Absolute Galios groups of function fields

Ib Madsen, Aarhus University
The Mumford Conjecture revisited

Ian Morrison, Fordham University
Nef divisors on moduli spaces of pointed stable curves

Tuesday, August 14

Ronnie Lee, Yale University
Moduli space of Seibert-Witten invariant and the 10/8 conjecture

Lisa Jeffrey, University of Toronto
The Verlinde formula for parabolic bundles

Ralph Cohen, Stanford University
A linearization of the topology of the stable mapping class group

Jacques Hurtubise, CRM, Montreal
The geometry of the Sklyanin and Hitchin integrable systems

Wednesday, August 15

Karen Vogtmann, Cornell University
An algebraic structure on complexes of graphs and their cohomology

Jun Li, Stanford University
A degeneration formula of the Gromov-Witten invariants

Ulrike Tillmann, Oxford University
The higher genus surface operad and infinite loop surfaces

Alexander Voronov, Michigan State University
Stability of the rational homotopy type of moduli spaces

Thursday, August 16

Carl-Friedrich Boedigheimer, Bonn University
Combinatorial complex for the homology of moduli spaces

Young-Hoon Kiem, Stanford University
Intersection pairings on singular moduli spaces of bundles over a Riemann surface

Richard Hain, Duke University
The rational cohomology of Sp_3(Z)

R. James Milgram, Stanford University
Configuration spaces and moduli spaces in engineering and applications


Alexander Voronov, MSU
Stability of Rational Homotopy Type of Moduli Spaces pdf

Ralph Cohen, Stanford University
A homotopy theoretic realization of String Topology pdf
A linearization of the topology of the stable mapping class group pdf

Karen Vogtmann, Cornell University
Automorphisms Of Free Groups And Outer Space pdf

Søren Galatius Smith, Aarhus University
Mod 2 Homology of ... pdf

Jack Morava, John Hopkins University
An algebraic analog of the Virasoro group pdf
The Tangent Bundle Of An Almost-Complex Free Loopspace pdf

Ulrike Tillmann, Oxford University
Higher Genus Surface Operad Detects Infinite Loop Spaces pdf
The Stable Mapping Class Group And Q(CP ^\infty_+) pdf

Ravi Vakil, Stanford University
The Gromov-Witten Potential Of A Point, Hurwitz Numbers, And Hodge Integrals pdf
Hodge Integrals And Hurwitz Numbers Via Virtual Localization pdf
On The Tautological Ring Of $\bar{M} _g,n$ pdf

Shigeyuki Morita, University of Tokyo
Generators For The Tautological Algebra Of The Moduli Space Of Curves pdf
The primary approximation to the cohomology of the moduli space of curves and cocycles for the Mumford-Morita-Miller classes pdf

Elizabeth Gasparim, University of Texas at Austin
Numerical invariants for bundles on blow-ups pdf
Vector bundles on a neighborhood of an exceptional curve and elementary transformations pdf