SK80: Workshop on Mathematical Analysis and its applications in Economics, Evolutionary Theory and Bioinformatics
In honor of Sam Karlin's 80th birthday

Stanford University, October 2-3, 2004

The workshop, shall provide an overview of diverse and exciting topics of research in areas such as Mathematical Economics, Total positivity, Bioinformatics, Probability and Evolutionary theory. Talks by leading scientists, Sam Karlin's students and colleagues will emphasize Sam's many fundamental and original contributions to all of these fields and his impact on their development, directly or by his influence on students, postdoctoral associates, junior faculty, and senior colleagues. In this way we would like to honor the significant achievements of Sam Karlin, on the occasion of his 80th birthday.

PARTICIPANTS   Chris Burge (Biology, MIT)
PHOTOS   Allan M. Campbell (Biological Sciences, Stanford)
    Warren D. Ewens (Biology, U. of Pennsylvania)
CONFERENCE LOCATIONS   Marcus W. Feldman (Biological Sciences, Stanford)
The locations for the conference are as follows:   Anna R. Karlin (CS, U. of Washington)
Saturday, 10/2/04 | TESEQ 201 (Hewlett 201)   Kenneth Karlin (Chemistry, Johns Hopkins Univ.)
Sunday, 10/3/04 | TESEQ 201 (Hewlett 201)   Thomas M. Liggett (Mathematics, UCLA)
    Charles A. Micchelli (Mathematics, SUNY Albany)
CONTACT   George L. Gabor Miklos (Secure Genetics Ltd, Sydney)
Conference Coordination - Nancy Witthaus*
*In office Tuesday - Thursday
  Edward S. Mocarski (Microbiology and Immunology, Stanford)
Website - John Esposito   Yosef Rinott (Statistics, Hebrew University)
    Larry Shepp (Statistics, Rutgers)
ORGANIZERS    David O. Siegmund (Statistics, Stanford)
Amir Dembo (Stanford University)